• Why am I getting warning messages about my temperature and humidity levels?

    We've set default levels for temperature and humidity based on the optimal mechanical room/basement environment. The location you put your SCOR Keeper may be out of that range and that's why it is sending an error message. We recommend you either auto-calibrate the device, change the warning and alert limits (User Manual Sections 4-6 and 4-7) or bring the environment into the default range.

  • The indicator light takes several seconds to turn green after I unplug it and plug it back into a outlet.

    This is normal. It is because the SCOR Keeper is initializing and reconnecting to the WiFi network. If the light doesn't turn on within 15 seconds, please check to make sure there is power.

  • I received "an unable to connect to WiFi" error message during setup. But the indicator light is now green. What do I do?

    The device was slow to connect to your home WiFi, and that triggered the time out message. Simply go to the device settings tab (section 3-8 of the user manual) and program the room where the device will be located. Notifications sent about the device will identify the selected room.

  • I was not successful setting up the device and need to reset it. What do I do?

    If the device is red, close and reopen the app and try to set up the device again. If there is no indicator light after more than one minute of waiting during setup, check to make sure the power outlet works. Once confirmed that the device is connected to power, go to section 1-6 of the User Manual and do a hardware reset of the device and check if the red light comes back on and then go through the set up process again.

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