Power Outage

We will notify you exactly when a power outage occurs and when the power comes back on.

When you're not home, it's hard to tell if a power outage occurred and for how long.

By keeping track of your power outages and your local weather forecasts, our AI will eventually be able to predict future power outages, giving you time to prepare.

Carbon Monoxide

We will provide you with the up-to-date level of CO being emitted by your furnace, the primary source of CO in the home.

If there is a system malfunction, we will detect a change in the steady-state level of CO in the basement and notify you in advance of dangerous levels.


Because we track the baseline humidity of the basement, we recognize level changes.

For example, if there is a significant water leak in the basement, the humidity will rise, and we will notify you.

Rapid changes in humidity could also denote HVAC or dehumidifier malfunctions.


 Monitoring real-time decibel levels, looking for abnormalities. For example, if you're home and hear a crash, you would investigate. Now you can investigate the loud noise in your basement on your return home.


Monitoring real-time, looking for changes. Basements stay at a relatively constant temp. If temp were to increase, it could denote that the HVAC had failed. If temperature decreased, it could denote that the heating system failed. 

Mold is a factor of time, humidity, and temperature.

And frozen homes are a factor of low external temperature and internal temperature. So we access outside temperature and your internal basement temperature to notify you of the propensity of pipes bursting.


Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. We monitor real-time changes in radon levels.

This provides peace of mind that your radon remediation system is functioning correctly or provides validation that you don't require a mitigation system in the first place.

Flammable Gas

Homes have a variety of gases that are piped into the house. In rare cases, gas lines can leak, creating a high-risk situation for explosions.

By monitoring flammable gas levels in real-time, we can assist in averting a disaster.

Gas leaks can occur when a gas line is over pressurized, when a contractor who is digging in your vicinity inadvertently punctures a line, or old outdated infrastructure begins to wear down.


Because we know precisely where the SCOR Keeper is, we can communicate with the homeowners, the occupants, the utility companies*, and the municipalities*, provided the owner opts in.

Additionally, we can provide a factual and historical data set to authenticate the home's health.

*future software build


By connecting to GPS and Wi-Fi, we can accurately confirm that the product was at the home.

We can correlate to the local weather and that the data has been consistently and accurately collected from the home over time.


We provide home health information by app, text, email, indicator light, and alarm.

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