I was awakened one snowy night in January by the sound of fire trucks in front of my neighbor’s house. I learned later that his new furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide, triggering his CO alarms. By the time emergency personnel arrived, it was already too dangerous for them to go inside. His lasting image of the harrowing ordeal was the firefighter pointing at the door and screaming to his family inside – “Get out of the house now!”.

With twenty years of real estate experience in New England, I was all too familiar with the challenges homeowners face around ‘unhealthy homes’ – radon, CO, flammable gas, mold, temperature, humidity. The fundamental problem is that homeowners only become aware of these ‘invisible threats’ when it’s too late. My neighbor’s CO alarms functioned that night but still presented a very dangerous situation. Although his family survived the experience, the reality is that he needed to know there was a problem much sooner in order to ensure their safety.

With these jumping off insights, I set out to help make homeowners aware of invisible threats before it’s too late. After several years of design and development, SenseSafe was born - a unique, proprietary, one-stop-monitoring solution that tracks invisible threats in the home. SenseSafe’s SCOR Keeper learns the home’s environment and proactively alerts homeowners of any issues so they can address them before they become serious or, as in the case of my neighbor, life threatening.

My mission with SenseSafe is simple yet enormous - give homeowners everywhere the peace of mind that they are living in a healthy home.

Wil Catlin - Founder & CEO

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