by SenseSafe November 30th, 2021

I've lived at Duck Puddle Farm in Wayland my whole life, and as an active New England homeowner I've dealt with elevated radon levels, carbon monoxide leaks, power outages, and mold. But nothing prepared me for the crazy home ownership story my neighbor shared with me recently.

His home was being remodeled, and while the living space was under construction, his family moved into their furnished basement.   

At 1 AM on a snowy morning in January, they were awakened by a screeching carbon monoxide alarm and a visit from multiple fire trucks. The new furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide. He'll never forget the firefighter who pointed at the door and yelled at his family to “GET OUT” of the home. They waited outside for hours in the cold as firefighters brought in the big, industrial fans, opened all the doors and windows, and got things under control. Fortunately, the carbon monoxide leak was caught in time, but my neighbor is haunted by the fact that his family had been inhaling dangerously high levels of poison for who knows how long.   

His experience got me thinking...we know what our friends are eating for lunch; how do we know if our homes are healthy? With twenty years of real estate experience in New England, I know the area and the problems that cause "unhealthy homes" around here very well, and I wanted to help. 

I invented a product that can be plugged into basements to monitor and notify about invisible threats that are easy to fix if caught in time but catastrophic when ignored: the SenseSafe SCOR Keeper. Today my neighbor trusts, but verifies, that his home is healthy from the SenseSafe app. 

My goal now is to get the word out so that I can help more homeowners. The SCOR Keeper will save you time, money and, knock on wood, your families’ health, and well-being.  

Thank you,


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