Is your home healthy?

SenseSafe provides homeowners the peace of mind that they are living in a healthy home free of invisible threats.



Radon, carbon monoxide, gas, mold....the list of invisible threats in the home is a long one. SenseSafe's SCOR Keeper tracks them all in one system so you don't have to worry about buying separate devices.


If it's measurable, it's manageable

SenseSafe's proprietary, AI technology learns your home's environment and alerts you of any issues so you can take action and avoid serious problems down the road.


Convenient accessibility

Invisible threats don't wait around for you to be home. Check in on your home's dashboard anytime, anywhere, using the SenseSafe App.



SCOR Keeper is the only monitor that authenticates your home's health via GPS. Data you can trust is coming from your home.


The problem below

SCOR Keeper is designed for the least "sophisticated" and forgotten area of the home but one that is often at the root of many hazards - the utility/mechanical room.

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